How to quit applications in iPhone

Submitted by str on Sun, 12/30/2007 - 19:24

Did you experience while checking email and while waiting to finish downloading new emails, you press the Home button and open other applications like for example Safari browser or notes and after some time the vibration and alert sound for new email will come up? As like any other UNIX machine, iPhone is capable of doing multiple tasks at the same time. Cool!

Now, the problem is how you can assure that there is no other unneeded applications are running (except the phone process) that will surely waste your battery?

For example, while listening to your iPhone’s iPod – you don’t want your browser or weather continuously run on the background – as this time you really only want to listen to your music.

Here’s what I discovered:
Pressing the Home button only suspends the current application and returns you to the Home screen. For example, if you just finished composing an email; while sending it, and you press your Home screen; email still continuously run (sending) in the background. That means pressing Home button not really kills the application or even the process but it stays in the background until maybe all the tasks are completed and hopefully with some idle time it will close automatically.

When you are at your Home screen, and you know that you are not browsing Safari, or sending/receiving email, or downloading new maps locations or weather – how you can make sure that those applications are properly exited or no other undesired apps running that will consume your CPU cycles in the background?

Simple! Just press and hold the Home button for 4 to 8 seconds – the active application screens clears – as it quits all processes in the background and you return to the Home screen.

This is also helpful for example once you experience like the apps that you are running hang-up or stops responding – pressing and holding the Home button for 4 to 8 seconds will kill that rogue apps and will return you back to Home screen – I read this somewhere long time before, I think in the manual and they called it “soft-reboot”.

Keeping your iPhone free from undesired applications running in the background will makes your iPhone cooler and it should be lesser strain in your battery.

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Dan (not verified)

Sun, 01/11/2009 - 00:18

Are you sure this feature should be used this way? Does this KILL the aplication or QUIT it?

If it kills it, isn't it like force quitting apps on your mac istead of quitting them and thus damaging their settings or so...?

I just need to know that this really is a thing I can use regularly.

The best way to kill your apps is to double-click your home button. Your upper app screen will disappear and you will be left with a set of app icons along the bottom of your screen. Touch one of your apps and hold for about 2 seconds and your app icons will start to shake/wiggle and a red circle with a white dash will appear in the top left hand corner of each app icon. This circle is equivalent to "close". Just simply, touch the red circles for each app you want to close and the apps will no longer run in the background.

No it doesn't delete applications. The x sign will appear for deleting applications. It only shows - sign for killing apps in background.

Here's the rub! If you minimize an app, it keeps on connecting whether you want it to or not. I had no idea I was minimizing apps, I thought I was quitting them, but I found out the hard way when I got my bill, which exceeded my data plan by 3x!

Not only that, any app that has an ad on it, connects to the network, even if the app has no other reason to! For example, a downloaded game, or data apps that you downloaded content via wifi for use later. If they have an ad, and you don't have unlimited data, you're gonna pay for that ad to connect.